“The only books that separate ground water and surface water are our law books.” – Duane Smith

Our technical expertise lies in examining these coping strategies for urban water management.

  • Model water demand and supply for future scenarios.

  • Model surface runoff across various land use scenarios using models like SCS-CN and SWAT.

  • Urban Wastewater Management.

  • Stormwater Management of cities through models like SWMM.

  • Establish water balance of water bodies based on field measurements.

  • Monitor ground water extraction through water level measurements, yield test, camera inspections and electricity monitoring.

  • Establish a nexus between surface water and groundwater interactions in urban areas through soil infiltration and evapotranspiration tests in waterbodies, drawdown/recuperation tests in the surrounding borewells etc.

  • Model scenarios of sustainable development through waste water management, rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge.

  • Devise an overall strategy/implementation plan/policy for closing the water cycle loop.